blue dip – Silberbeize

blue dip; Übersetzung ins Deutsche: Silberbeize

Einzelausstellung mit 8 Bildern 50 x 70 cm, gerahmt, 8 Bilder 40 x 50, gerahmt, alle FUJIFILM Crystal Archive DPII Digital Professional Paper matt

blue dip flyer


I made an  solo – exhibition about the idea to paint the walls of high-rise buildings with pictures of surrounding nature. Early glass painting resulted in blue colors using blue dip to create the pictures. I lived in such a project as kid myself and so I recessed all colors like one recesses ones early memories.

However, next to the buildings you can find real nature.

These were my two positions, I paired the pictures.

Venue: Bürgerhaus Schlaatz

Exhibition of  8 pictures 50×70 cm and 8 pictures 40×50 cm, framed, printed on matt paper.